National Telecommunications Commission is an attached agency of the DICT responsible for the supervision, adjudication and control over all telecommunications services and television networks throughout the country.


1. Direct, coordinates and supervise the activities of the units under it.

2. Issue licenses and permits for the operation of radio stations and other telecommunication/broadcast services that may be specified.

3. Upon authority of the Commission, conduct hearings and decide cases for the litigation of violations of provisions of international and national telecommunications and broadcast laws.

4. Enforce and implement, through inspection and field investigation, telecommunication laws, rules and regulations governing the installation and operation of all radio communication stations and all telecommunications services including radio and television broadcasting system.

5. Monitor the operation of all radio stations to determine their compliance with existing radio laws and regulations and the terms and conditions of their licenses and permits.

6. Conduct monitoring surveillance of the radio frequency spectrum to detect and locate unlawful transmissions and illegal operating practices.

7. Attend to the collection, consolidation and updating of statistical data and other related information on telecommunication services or stations, including operational statistics within the region for presentation and submission to the Commission.

8. Undertake study on telecommunications service requirements of the regional area and submit recommendation to the Commission.

9. Maintain liaison and coordination work with regional offices or units of other agencies existing within the area including the offices or units of local governments.

10. Administer oaths on matters generally involving the official business of the regional office.

11. Collect, consolidate statistical data and other related information on telecommunication services or stations, including operational statistics, for periodic presentation and submission to the Commission.

12. Represent the Commission in conferences or meetings whenever necessary that may be called or held within the region.

13. Coordinate enforcement activities with NISA, the military and other police agencies for the effective implementation of telecommunication laws and regulations regarding stations or services whose operations affect the security of the state.

14. In coordination with the Central Office, undertake examinations and licensing of radio operators.

15. Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.